These workshops are designed to give people an introduction to paint carving and try something creative and different, regardless of artistic ability.

Uxbridge Arts Centre, Howick


Saturday 22 June 2024: 1.30-3.30pm

CLICK TO BOOK HERE: Uxbridge Arts Centre Paint Carving Workshop

$108 per person


First, we’ll do some carving practice, using lines and curvy shapes on soft cutting mats to get you familiar with the cutting tool. Then you choose the design you’d like like to try and get started on your individual piece of art. I will have many different beginner and advanced paint carving designs to choose from, or you are welcome to bring your own.

You will then trace your design onto a pre-prepared art board (10 X 20cm rectangle) and the carving begins. I will be carving alongside you all as well so you can see and enjoy the techniques I use.

If you have carved materials before but are new to paint carving, then you can probably choose a more advanced design or bring your own ideas. I will be able to help you based on your ability.


There is nothing that you need to bring to this workshop. The fee for the workshop includes all materials necessary to make a 10 x 20cm rectangle paint carving.


Get some friends together and host one yourself!


• As the host, the workshop will take place at your home or a location of your choice, as agreed with me.

• We’ll begin by doing a little bit of carving practice with lines and shapes on soft cutting mats.

• Then each person can choose their design (there will be beginner and advanced designs to choose from).

• Each person traces their design onto the pre-prepped artboard (10x20cm rectangle) and the carving begins! I’ll do a carving alongside you all as well so you can see how it’s done.

Feel free to provide your attendees with snacks and refreshments.

At the end of the workshop, my carving from the event will be gifted to you, the host!

$105 per person, including host

6-10 attendees required, including host


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